The Rasnick Family has a long tradition of military service. Below can be found information on over 230 RASNAKE, RASNICK, RASNIC, RUEHRSCHNECK, and RUSHNECK enlisted men and women, however many more need recognition. Please help build this list by sending corrections or additions to

For additional reading, check out The Rasnick Family Newsletter No. 5 Military Edition and Russell County, Virginia Civil War Veterans.


Jacob Rasnick


Charles C. Rasnake

Elijah Rasnake

Jacob William Rasnake

James Rasnake

James G. P. Rasnick

Jasper N. Rasnake

John Rasnake

Johnson Rasnake

Lafayette Rasnake

Napoleon Bonapart Rasnake

Noah K. Rasnake

Oliver Rasnake

William P. Rasnick


Beldon Rasnick

Charles Harvey Rasnick

Charlie Herman Rasnick

Dan Rasnake

Della Jackson Rasnake

Douglas Rasnake

George Hickman Rasnick

Grant Rasnick

James Rasnic

James David Rasnick

James J. Rasnick

James Luther Rasnick

John Rolston "Ross" Hendricks Rasnake

John Marshall Rasnick

Napoleon Bonapart Rasnick

Rit Rasnake

Walter Rasnick

Willie Edmund Rasnick

Woodford Grady Rasnick


Ambrose Jackson Rasnake

Arnold Rasnake, Jr.

Asa Columbus Rasnick

Benjamin Rasnick, Jr.

Bernard Rasnake

Bertram W. Rasnick

Byrl Rasnick

Carl Jacob Rasnic, Sr.

Carl L. Rasnick

Cecil M. Rasnake

Charles Tives Rasnake

Charlie Willis "Pete" Rasnick

Claude M. Rasnake

Clifford C. Rasnick

Clyde B. Rasnick

Clyde F. Rasnake

Clyde Forrest Rasnake, Sr.

Corbet Lee Rasnake

Crellis J. "C.J." or "Buster" Rasnake

Curtis Rasnake

David Lee Rasnic

Dewey Carter Rasnake

Dewey Lee Rasnake

Earl Rasnick

Earl E. Rasnic

Edgar M. Rasnick

Edgar Olin Rasnick

Elijah B. Rasnick

Elmer Stevenson Rasnick

Emmet Tyler Rasnic

Ernest Lee "Pee Wee" Rasnake

Eugene Lawrence Rasnake

Floyd Rasnick, Jr.

Franklin Pierce Rasnake

Fred F. Rasnick

Giles Fletcher Rasnake

Glen Lee Rasnick

George Rasnick

Gorman E. Rasnick

Harrison Rasnick

Harry Hancil "Hank" Rasnick

Henry Rasnick

Henry S. Rasnick

Herbert H. Rasnake

Herbert J. Rasnick

Hobert E. Rasnake

Howard L. Rasnick

Jack Howard Rasnake

James Carl Rasnick

James P. Rasnick, Sr.

Jessie Claude Rasnake

Jesse H. Rasnick

Joe Rasnic

John Bray Rasnick

John Marshall Rasnick

John Willis Rasnake

Joseph H. Rasnick

Kemper G. Rasnake

Kenny L. Rasnake

Lance David Rasnick

Lawrence V. Rasnick

Layman I. Rasnic

Leslie Remire Rasnake

Lewis D. Rasnick

Leonard McNeil Rasnick

Louis H. Rushneck

Marione Louise Brace Rasnick

Marshall Everett Rasnake

Mathias A. Rasnick

Morgan C. Rasnake

Nolan P. Rasnick

Norman Collier Rasnake

Otis W. Rasnic

Paul E. Rasnake

Ralph B. Rasnake

Ralph Roland Rasnick

Robert L. Rasnic

Samuel Clarence Rasnake

Scott Brown Rasnake

Sidney O. Rasnick

Silas M. Rasnake

Silas A. Rasnick

Tivis Sharon Rasnake

Ual Rasnic

Warner Samuel Rasnake

William A. Rasnick

William C. Rasnake

William C. Rasnick

William Ross Rasnick

William V. Rasnake

Willard Rasnick

Willis Rasnake

Woodrow Wilson Rasnick

Woodrow G. Ruehrschneck


Alfred Rasnake

Asa Columbus Rasnick

Bertram W. Rasnick

Billy Ralph Rasnake

Charlie Willis "Pete" Rasnick

Clovis Nolan Rasnick

Clyde B. Rasnick

Clyde F. Rasnake

Darrell Conley Rasnick

David Harry Rasnick

Elmer Raymond Rasnake

Fred Edgar Rasnake

Graham Kenneth Rasnake

Harrison Rasnick

Harvey Brady Rasnake

Howard Eugene Rasnake

James Carl Rasnick

James Cornet Rasnake

James E. Rasnic

Jesse W. Rasnic

John Odell Rasnick

John Samuel Rasnake

Jonas C. Rasnake

Lawrence Delmar Rasnake

Mike Orvis Rasnake

Noah Deckery Rasnick

Norman Collier Rasnake

Robert E. Rasnake

Silas McDonald Rasnake

William Clifford Rasnake, Sr.

Woodrow Wilson Rasnick


Asa Columbus Rasnick

Carl Jacob Rasnic, Jr.

Charles Richard Rasnic

Charlie H. Rasnick, Jr.

Clarence Raymond Rasnake

Clyde Forrest Rasnake, Jr.

David William Rasnick

Dean Raymond Rasnick

Dennis Ray Rasnick

Dewey Lee Rasnick

Edward Rasnic

Gerald S. Rasnick

Harmon Carter Rasnake

Harvey Brady Rasnake

Harvey Ray Rasnick

Henry P. Rasnic

Jerry L. Rasnick

Jessie Eugene Rasnake

Joe Rasnick

Kenneth Rasnick

Kenneth Thomas Rasnick

Larry Earl Rasnic

Larry J. Rasnic

Mac Arthur Rasnake

Olen Wesley Rasnic

Robert Rasnick

Robert Joseph Rasnick

Rufes Dave Rasnic, Jr.

Sammy Eugene Rasnake

Samuel Edward Rasnake

Sidney McArthur Rasnick

Thomas Jere Rasnick

Willard C. Rasnick


Brian Rasnake

Christopher Todd Rasnake

David Huel Rasnick

Garrett Rasnick

James E. Rasnick

Javan W. Rasnake

Matthew Rasnake

Mark Rasnake

Pete Rasnick


Arnold A. Rasnake

Atheny Ray Rasnake

Billy Bonsel Rasnake

Billy Howell Rasnake

Carl Glee Rasnic

Carson Rasnick

C. F. Rasnake

Charlie William Rasnake

Claude Allen Rasnake

Claude or Clyde Rasnake

Clifford E. Rasnake

David Carl Rasnick

Dentin Dewel Rasnake

Dock J. Rasnake

Douglas MacArthur Rasnake

Elmer R. Rasnake

Ernest A. Rasnick

Everett Rasnake, Jr.

Freddie N. Rasnake

Gary Keith Rasnake

Hampton H. Rasnick

Haskell Bernard Rasnake

Henry Clay Rasnick

Herbert J. Rasnick

Ira Gene Rasnake

James Carl Rasnick

James Edward Rasnic

James W. Rasnick, Jr.

John Rasnake

Johnny W. Rasnake

Joseph R. Rasnake

Kemper Scott Rasnake

Kenneth E. Rasnake

Kenneth Luther Rasnake

Larry Douglas Rasnake

Malcolm J. Rasnic

Mary Sue Rasnick Carter

Millard Lee Rasnake

Raymond Kemper Rasnake

Richard Scott Rasnic

Robert E. Lee Rasnick

Ronald B. Rasnick

Ronnie Lee Rasnick

Roy E. Rasnake

Sidney Allen Rasnick

Silas A. Rasnick (Air Force)

Steven Howard Rasnick

Terry Gerald Rasnick

Terry M. Rasnic

Therman Rasnake (Army 1947)

Therman Rasnake (Air Force 1954)

Thomas Lee Rasnic

Tilden B. Rasnick

Travis Rasnake

Victor Franklin Rasnick

William E. Rasnake

William Edmund Rasnick

William H. Rasnake

William J. Rushneck