Rasnick Family Genealogy

Researching the family of Johann Jacob Rierschneck who arrived in America in 1777 as a "Hessian" soldier during the American Revolutionary War from the Vogtamt Waizendorf in the Principality of Ansbach, and who remained here after the war as the American Pioneer in SW Virginia known as Jacob Rasnick. Welcome to our family's official website. We are the proud descendants of the eighteenth century American Pioneers Jacob Rasnick and his wife, Mary "Mollie" Counts. Common spellings of our family name are Rasnake, Rasnick and Rasnic and include all those name bearers who originate from SW Virginia.

In the mid 1990's our cousin Frieda Patrick Davison's research brought her to the conclusion that our ancestor was actually the "Hessian" soldier named Johann Ruehrschneck. Her collaboration with the Hessian expert and historian, John Merz, confirmed this likelihood.

In 2001 The Jacob Rasnick Project was formed to further the genealogical research of our family. In 2003 a professional researcher named Kevin Lett obtained for us a copy of a 1785 document from Shenandoah County containing Jacob Rasnick's signature. The signature was written in German, and according to John Merz, our Jacob had signed himself "Jacob Rirschneck", proving Frieda's theory correct.

In 2005 a researcher named Roger Nixon obtained for us copies of Revolutionary War documents, written in French and housed in England, which were the muster lists of the Ansbach Regiment, showing Johann Rierschneck's name appearing from 1777 through the middle of 1783, which provided us with vital information about our ancestor's past.

Early in 2008 Harriet Rasnick's Family Tree y-DNA Project definitively linked members of the American Rasnick family, the American Ruehrschneck family and the German Ruehrschneck family as having a common ancestor.

Most recently, our researcher in Germany, Sabine Schleichert, was able to find our ancestor and his family after a very difficult search, and in 2008, she provided us with Jacob's long awaited pedigree. She was also able to supply us with even more exciting information about our oldest Austrian ancestor, Protestant Exile, Andreaß Rierschneckh.

We would like to sincerely thank the many cousins and researchers who have so generously contributed to helping our family find out more about our history and hope you will enjoy learning about our story as much as we have.


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